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ABS brake system repairs

At Nito Motor we are a company focused exclusively on motorcycle and car ABS brake repairs. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and specialized to provide an optimal service in repairs of ABS brake systems.

We provide service nationally and internationally. We have more than 600 collaborating workshops distributed in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

How we work

At Nito Motor we carry out a complete restoration of your ABS module. 

The first step is to carry out an initial diagnosis in our facilities, but it is important that before disassembling your ABS module you carry out a previous diagnosis with the ABS installed in your vehicle. Once the errors that your ABS module presents have been identified, we proceed to repair them. In addition, in the restoration process, we check and replace all the parts in poor condition with new components, according to the needs of your ABS module.

We completely restore the ABS module, regardless of the type of failure it presents, anticipating future failures caused by wear and tear. It is for this reason that we work at a fixed price and that during the guarantee period we will cover any breakdown that may occur.

Once repaired, we perform verification tests on the ABS unit. We have designed and developed test benches that simulate the braking action of different models and brands of motorcycles. Once the necessary tests have been carried out and the correct functioning of the ABS has been verified, you will receive the invoice for the repair service in your email. 

The entire restoration and testing process is done in just 24/48 hours.

What makes of motorcycles with ABS devices do we repair?

The brands of motorcycle ABS modules that we offer a repair service for are the following: BMW ABS, Yamaha ABS, Suzuki ABS, KTM ABS, Ducati ABS, Kawasaki ABS, Honda ABS, Harley Davidson ABS, Piaggio ABS.

Don't see your make or model here? Get in touch with us, we can surely offer you a solution. 

How to contract the repair of the ABS module?

If you are a private customer, you can contact your trusted workshop, disassemble it and hire the repair of your device through our website. Do not forget to carry out the diagnosis before your ABS is disassembled in the workshop!

It is very simple. You only have to choose the brand of your motorcycle, in the case of BMW motorcycles you must be guided by the year or model of your motorcycle, the rest of the brands have a standard price. Once you have entered your ABS in the cart, fill in the form, enter your data, the day and time of collection and complete your purchase. You will not have to pay anything until we have repaired your ABS. Put the ABS in a box and protect it against bumps and falls. We take care of the collection at the indicated address and time. Once repaired, you will receive the invoice in your email to proceed with the payment by bank transfer.

If you are a professional, we invite you to register as a collaborating workshop and hire the repair from your professional profile. You will find many advantages.

ABS module repair warranty, 12 months

All our repairs have a one year guarantee. 

What is an ABS System?

The ABS system, together with the traction controls and active suspension devices, is of great importance for optimal handling of motorcycles.

Motorcycle manufacturers have included the ABS braking system in their vehicles. The European Union ruled in 2016 that all vehicles must have this ABS system. ABS system technology, also known as ABS antilock braking system, ensures that the brakes do not lock during hard or emergency braking.

When a wheel locks up, it automatically stops spinning and consequently the tire stops spinning on the asphalt and begins to skid, losing grip with the asphalt and optimal braking ability.

The ABS modules improve braking distances, in addition to being a safety system for the driver avoiding the possibility of falling in the event of braking.

This electronic ABS system prevents the pumping and the wheels from locking.

ABS modules have numerous mechanical and electronic components, such as hydraulic pump, pressure sensors, ECU, and pump motor.

How does ABS work?

When we ride a motorcycle and activate the brake, one wheel is blocked and does not maintain grip with the asphalt. This wheel loses its braking capacity and can continue to slide on it, increasing the stopping distance. In order for the wheel to regain grip and to slow down the motorcycle as it grabs onto the asphalt, the ABS releases the brake on the locked wheel so that it turns again and regain grip.

The ABS device returns the pressure so that the brake recovers its function again. In short, the ABS modules work by producing small impulses on the brake itself, it overrides it for an instant to reactivate it when the wheel regains its grip and grip.

For this reason, when we brake the ABS, it comes into operation and we perceive that the front or rear brake emits small stimuli that indicate that the ABS is working correctly.

The ABS braking system graduates the pressure so that the wheels regain their grip on the road. Preventing the front or rear wheel from skidding in the event of braking. In this way, the risk of falling is reduced and the braking distance is shortened considerably.

How do I know if my motorcycle has ABS brakes?

To find out if your motorcycle has the commonly known ABS device or ABS braking systems, you just have to look at the motorcycle manufacturer's manual. In this manual is all detailed, each component or characteristic of the motorcycle.

If you have asked for the manufacturer's manual, we recommend you go to a workshop and check it. But we give you some advice so you can check it

Look at the wheels and notice that there are notches on the brake disc, that is, that it is not smooth; and that there is a getter added in this part.

We repair ABS breakdowns in 24-48 hours with a 12-month warranty!

If the ABS unit or module does not have communication with the diagnostic equipment or has the power on indicator on the dashboard of your motorcycle, Nito Motor can repair your ABS unit within a maximum period of 48 hours in standard repairs with a repair guarantee. and unlimited kilometers.

With the ABS braking system, each braking is optimized and, by not allowing the wheels to lock when the brake is applied, they make maneuvering on motorcycles safer. However, the level of effectiveness or braking combination may vary from one brand to another, depending on the technology that the developer companies apply.

There can be various causes of ABS modules to fail, from a broken control unit to a broken sensor. The possible anomalies that motorcycle ABS devices may present, among many others, are:

  • There is no communication, it is not possible to establish communication with the ABS unit
  • Wheel sensor fault, can be rear, front, left or right.
  • ABS warning light on.
  • Possible communication failure through vehicle diagnosis.

If your motorcycle presents any of these anomalies described above, it means that there are problems with the anti-lock braking system. Don't hesitate to repair it!

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