Terms and conditions of purchase


Send only the modulator. Remove all accessories from the device (brackets, hoses…). Drain all brake fluid from the ABS module reservoirs. If necessary, leave it upside down for a few hours before packing. Cover all holes with absorbent paper and wrap the ABS in a rag or bag to prevent leaks. Put the ABS modulator in a box and protect it adequately against possible knocks and falls.

Measurements and maximum weights allowed: The maximum weight of application for this rate is 5,5kg per package. The sum of the three dimensions of a package (length + width + height) must not exceed 1,50m (maximum measurement allowed). Any collection/shipment whose measurements exceed these dimensions will incur an extra charge of €5 per supplement in the contracted service.


ABS modules that have been previously manipulated (disassembled) to try to repair or, out of simple curiosity, have a supplement of €50 plus VAT. In the event that it comes perfectly assembled or without any damage, we reserve the right not to apply this supplement.


If the ABS module has irreparable damage to the electronic control unit, the cost of the repair increases by €100 plus VAT. These cases are due to failed repairs, ABS with water inside or brake fluid, or modification of the installation for its cancellation, among other cases.

The repair time can increase, since we depend on the second-hand market to obtain a valid control unit, or to provide us with the necessary electronic components for its repair. If the described case occurs, we will contact you.


Nito Motor SL will NOT assume responsibilities in the non-compliance with the maximum delivery term foreseen and stipulated in a standard repair (24/48 hours from receipt of the same) or in a warranty repair (10 to 15 business days from receipt of the same) , that were not exclusively and directly attributable to Nito Motor SL Such as: modulators already repaired, manipulated by another or other companies, or that do not correspond to the original ABS of the motorcycle to be repaired, problems unrelated to the client that delayed the planned repairs , supplier stock breakages, force majeure such as occupational or non-occupational accidents, transport strikes, supply cuts, etc.


Nito Motor SL is not responsible for the malfunction of the parcel services or additional services contracted by the client/professional for said repair.

Likewise, regarding the additional services offered by Nito Motor SL, such as the collection and delivery service of the devices managed by the parcel company outside the company, Nito Motor SL will not be responsible for the malfunction of said company; since it is a courier service contracted with an external company. Nito Motor SL is not responsible for any problem that may arise in the delay of deliveries and/or collections, or possible losses. Making the parcel company directly responsible.


At Nito Motor we offer a one year warranty on the repair of your ABS module. During the warranty period, Nito Motor SL will be responsible for the proper functioning of its repairs, as well as for the expenses derived from the shipment and collection of the part. All repairs are subject to a one-year warranty from the issuance of the invoice, which is necessary to process it. The start date of your guarantee will coincide with the issue date of your invoice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nito Motor SL will not be responsible for the cost of assembly and disassembly of the modulator during the warranty period, the workshop or the end customer assuming said cost. It will only be responsible for the correct functioning of the device in said period.


If you wish, you can take out additional insurance for which Nito Motor SL will be responsible for the costs generated by assembly and disassembly during the entire guarantee period. If not contracted, Nito Motor SL will not be responsible in any case for the costs derived from assembly and disassembly to proceed with the repair under warranty. (Excluding Official BMW Dealers).

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