Contract ABS repair, BMW (3st Generation)

363,00 - 484,00

BMW 3st Generation ABS modulator

BMW Motorrad ABS from around 2006 to the present.

  • ABS control unit manufacturers; ATE, Continental, Teves

What does the repair include?

  • Initial diagnosis of the device in our facilities.
  • Complete restoration of the ABS modulator, BMW
  • Replacement of parts and components in poor condition.
  • Final diagnosis on the test bench and verification of the operation of the BMW device.
  • 12 months certified warranty on repair.
  • Standard price for all 3nd generation devices.

Send your ABS unit, along with the error codes presented by the motorcycle. Once the ABS modules have been received at our facilities, the technicians will diagnose the fault and proceed to repair it.

Your module or ABS control unit repaired within 24-48 hours, for repairs of the most common models, from their reception in our facilities.


Still in doubt about the repair of your 3rd generation ABS device?

Contract the repair of the BMW ABS module.

At Nito Motor we are overwhelmed by the experience and satisfaction of our customers. We are a specialist in motorcycle ABS module repairs BMW. We work with more than 250 professional workshops nationally and internationally. We provide services to both individuals and professionals. You only have to contract the repair through our website. If the repair cannot be carried out, we will refund your money.

If you don't have a trustworthy workshop, ask us.

Are You professional? Register in the PROFESSIONALS section. You will be part of a network of collaborating workshops.

12-month warranty on the repair of your device, unlimited kilometers!

Steps to follow:

  1. Disassemble the ABS device in a specialized workshop (If necessary, contact us)
  2. Print the error codes that your ABS module presents to fill in the data at the end of the purchase.
  3. Contract the repair of your ABS device.
  4. Empty, dry and pack your ABS module. The maximum package measurements allowed are 50x50x50cm.
  5. Ask us for the collection. The transport company may contact you to organize the collection of the same.
  6. We receive the BMW ABS module at our facility.
  7. We carry out the initial diagnosis identifying and corroborating the faults provided by the workshop or the customer.
  8. We restore the BMW ABS modulator.
  9. We carry out functional tests on our test bench.
  10. We ship back to the customer.
Weight 5 kg
Sizes 50x50x50 cm
Add mounting and dismounting insurance

WITH Insurance + €121, WITHOUT Insurance


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