BMW ABS system

Problems with your BMW ABS module?

At Nito Motor we repair ABS systems brand BMW in 24/48 hours, according to error. We restore your XNUMXst, XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd generation BMW ABS module. We have the best machinery and components on the market, to be able to correct faults that presents this type of BMW ABS module.

BMW ABS modules are often widely used by high-powered vehicles, in order to have greater control, grip and stability over the braking of the motorcycle when driving. It is common that, due to various options, ABS modules are damaged or do not work in the same way, compromising the integrity of the motorcycle and road safety for the driver.

ABS devices of BMW motorcycles

ABS modulator
1th Generation
ABS modulator
2nd Generation FTE
ABS modulator
3rd Generation ATE
ABS modulator
Other devices
Unidentified BMW

How does a BMW ABS modulator work?

The operation of a BMW ABS modulator is that the anti-lock system ensures that the brakes do not lock during braking. The electronic system ensures that pumping is prevented and that the wheels cannot lock. An ABS module consists of several components: hydraulic pump, sensors, ECU, and the pump motor. As in the case of ABS ECUs, they are divided into two groups: ECUs with a conventional PCB and ECUs with a hybrid PCB.

Common malfunctions of BMW motorcycle ABS brakes

We fix common errors in ABS modules of BMW motorcycles. The most common modulators in BMW motorcycles are FTE, brake booster, ATE ...

The repair time for ABS under normal conditions is 24 to 48 hours. Once the ABS module is installed on the motorcycle, the customer will have their brakes repaired and ready to use.

How we work


Hire the repair service listed below. We review both the mechanical and electronic parts, restoring all the parts in poor condition with new ones.
12-month warranty on the repair of the ABS device without limit of km.


Download the receipt document that you will receive at the email address provided in the hiring process. Make the secure payment. If the repair cannot be carried out, the amount paid will be returned in full, with a single charge of € 35 + VAT per diagnosis.


We received the repair order, and you will receive a confirmation of the repair request. In 24 hours, the Nacex transport agency will remove the ABS module, with prior notice to the client, at the requested address. Fill in the data correctly.


Prepare your ABS module, as indicated later. Remember to drain the brake fluid from the module. Indicate the following address on the package: Calle Deleitosa nº8, 06800, Mérida (Badajoz) and insert the requested receipt document in the box.


We receive the ABS device at our facilities. We identify the errors indicated by you or your mechanic in the requested document. We carry out the initial diagnosis, corroborating the errors in the test bench.


We repair the device in 24/48 hours under normal conditions.
We carry out the final test to check the optimal functioning of the ABS. We send the ABS module to the indicated address and enjoy the bike!


The price of the repair of any third generation BMW ABS device is the same. Only price. Regardless of the model or error that it presents. The price of the first and second generation devices is the established one.

Nito Motor guarantees all its repairs to the ABS modules, for 12 months from the issuance of the invoice. Solely and exclusively the repair, not being responsible for the shipping and return postage, or any other service contracted external to Nito Motor.

To make the guarantee effective, if necessary, it is essential to present the purchase invoice and a diagnosis of the device showing the faults. 

Drain the brake fluid from the ABS module. We recommend covering all the holes (with paper) so that dirt or excess brake fluid does not get into internal parts that could further damage the ABS modulator. Put the ABS modulator in a box, protect it well. IMPORTANT: You only have to send the ABS modulator. Remove the accessories from the device (bracket, hoses, etc.) if there is a loss, Nito Motor is not responsible.

ABS modules that have been previously manipulated (disassembled) for their repair attempt or out of simple curiosity have a supplement of € 50 plus VAT, (It must be indicated in the modulator reception document). In the case of receiving it in perfect condition, if the above is met, we reserve the right not to apply this supplement. In this case, we will contact you.

Hire BMW brand ABS repair

Note: The price of the repair of any third generation BMW ABS device is the same. Only price. Regardless of the model or error that it presents. The price of the first and second generation devices is the established one.

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